I’m an Arab and I hate everything about my culture

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>Idk if I’m allowed to say this but religion also is a brainwashing machine that is keeping the community always behind, Fuck Arab culture. You’re free to say that here, in fact, you’ll see that many of us are very aware of the harm caused by religions. Besides, I’m pretty sure that you must have in mind many first hand accounts of events that make you say this. So, you’re welcome to vent and rant here all you want. We won’t try to defend any religion or to convince you that what you’re saying right now is wrong.


I’m a white, southern, male and I feel the same way for the probably the same reasons.


I can relate to that myself. I am ex-christian and share a last name and culture I don’t associate with and view as primitive ( I’m reluctant to say which). Everyone thinks their culture is ok only because it is what they were raised in and usually all they know. Religion is certainly a major contributing factor in why our cultures are the way they are. One look at a history book will give you many examples of the harm it does to society. But, in this modern, educated world we know there are better and more moral ways of doing things.


I lived in Libya for a year in the 90s and it is so hard to explain to people how much of a Mad Max hellscape that was.


Hey OP, hoping that you can get out at some point. Living under a theocracy sounds fucking horrible. That being said, **PLEASE** be careful with what you’re posting online and/or make sure you’ve got a secure VPN. We’ve seen what governments like this do to ‘apostates’ and I want to make sure you’re staying safe until you can GTFO.