In 1997 Wired magazine published a “10 things that could go wrong in the 21st century”; Almost every single one of them has come true.

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The following submission statement was provided by /u/lughnasadh: — Submission Statement. On the plus side there has been a lot of positives. The global argument to end the use of fossil fuels has been won. The internet has created many new global connections between peoples and countries. mRNA vaccines are on the cusp of curing many previously untreatable diseases. AI & robotics seem set to take off, and will in time, usher in new global prosperity. — Please reply to OP’s comment here: /r/Futurology/comments/qzrdl8/in_1997_wired_magazine_published_a_10_things_that/hlny2ht/


1 . Tensions between the US and China escalate into a new Cold war – bordering on a hot one. 2 . New technology turn out to be a bust. They simply don’t bring the expected productivity increase or the big economic boost. 3 . Russia devolves into a kleptocracy run by the mafia, or retreats into quasi communistic nationalism that threatens Europe. 4 . Europe’s integration process grinds to a halt. Eastern and Western Europe can’t finesse a reunification and even the EU process breaks down. 5 . Major ecological crisis causes global climate change, that among other things, disrupt the food supply. Causing big price increases everywhere and developing sporadic famines. 6 . Major rise in crime and terrorism forces the world to pull back in fear. People who constantly feel they can be blown up or ripped off are not in the mood to reach out and open up. 7 . The cumulative escalation in pollution, causes dramatic increase in cancer. Which overwhelms the ill-prepared health system. 8 . Energy prices go through the roof. Convulsions in the Middle East disrupt oil supply, and alternative energy sources fail to materialize. 9 . An uncontrollable plague – a modern day influenza epidemic or its equivalent – takes off like wildfire killing upwards of 200 million people. 10 . A social and cultural backlash stops progress dead in its tracks. Human beings need to choose to move forward. They just may not…


“New technology turn out to be a bust. They simply don’t bring the expected productivity increase or the big economic boost.” The big economic boost has ABSOLUTELY happened. Productivity has skyrocketed. The gains DID NOT got to workers. It went to the 1% and created billionaires. If minimum wage kept up with productivity it would be $24/hr.


Not many of these have actually happened, and some of the ones that are debatable (cancer increases, US China cold war) are the same now as they were when this was written.


If you word anything vaguely enough, you can twist current events in a way that makes the statement appear prophetic.