Jan. 6 Committee tells court it urgently needs Trump records

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>”Delay itself would inflict a serious constitutional injury on the Select Committee by interfering with its legislative duty.” DUH, this is why Trump and his lawyers are doing everything they can to slow down the committee.


“The stakes in this case are high,” Trump’s lawyers wrote at the time. “A decision upholding the Committees’ request to NARA would have enormous consequences, forever changing the dynamics between the political branches. It is naïve to assume that the fallout will be limited to President Trump or the events of January 6, 2021. Every Congress will point to some unprecedented thing about ‘this President’ to justify a request for his presidential records. “In these hyper-partisan times, Congress will increasingly and inevitably use this new weapon to perpetually harass its political rival.” ******************************************************************************** COUNTER POINT The argument that future Congresses will find some unprecedented thing to justify requests for presidential records is incredibly bad faith. Pretending like the coordination of an insurrection as an effort to prevent the peaceful transfer of power is just some minor event that’s being overblown in an effort by one political party to score points is such an enormous steaming pile of horse shit that you could smell it from the edge of the atmosphere. We all know damn well that these are extremely unusual circumstances. To the point about the balance of power:. How about the balance of power that would result if a President could refuse to transfer power, agitate against the transfer, rampantly spread lies and disinformation, and coordinate an attack on a co-equal branch of the federal government and then successfully evade accountability for that by hiding behind executive privilege. Might that not also be a concern in these “hyper-partisan times”?


Biden should just declassify them unilaterally and release them publicly at this point; he has every right to do so as the actual president


Seems consistent with congress’ fundamental role of providing oversight.


Four years. On the first day of the trump admin a case was filed that he was in violation of the Emoluments clause for serving as president while taking ~~bribes~~cash from foreign governments at his hotel a few blocks from the White House. For four years the legal system worked away at the complex and nuanced problem of whether foreign governments handing the president money violated the Constitution’s prohibition against the president taking money from foreign governments. After four years, the case was still in its preliminary stages (hadn’t even reached the discovery stage yet) and then trump was no longer president so the court said “Well, I guess this case is moot so let’s not even bother to continue to set a precedent for future presidencies, we’ll just dismiss it entirely because who the fuck cares about the Constitution, bribing the president, rule of law…” Four fucking years for the most obvious thing. Court system delayed, delayed. Couldn’t fucking do it. Pathetic.