LPT: If you’re a side-sleeper, put a pillow between your knees. It aligns your hip avoiding spine issues, and immediately alleviates pressure

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As someone with a messed up hip from childbirth I can very much confirm! 5/7 would sleep again.


This doesn’t work for me because I regularly switch sides during the night, and then the pillow is in the way. M


I spent years with back pain getting me out of bed after no more than 6 hours. Didn’t matter if I had work, holiday, weekend, I was always out of bed by 6 at the latest, and often after tossing and turning for a while before finally giving up trying to sleep more. Now I sleep with a knee pillow and do not wake up with back pain. Only trick is you need to remember which pillow you have been serially farting on when you change pillow cases.


Beagles are acceptable substitutes.