LPT: When leaving a voicemail message, state your name and number twice. It may seem repetitive, but it’s super helpful for the other person

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You say it first and you say it last. That’s my method. Also say it at about 1/2 the speed you think you should. We all don’t realize how fast we blurt out phone numbers.


I’d settle for people just saying their number slowly and clearly. That makes an enormous difference.


“Hi, this is Jenny. Call me back big boy. My number is 867-5309. That’s Jenny, for a good time, at 867-5309.”


LPT: when you get a voice mail, listen to it before deleting it or calling back so you have information ready for who called. I hate it when customers call back “I got a call from this number. Who is this?” When I already left a voice mail with all the information you need to know.