New research (N=95) shows when people exercise with their romantic partner, compared to when exercising alone, they are more likely to experience positive emotions during exercise and during the day, and also experience more relationship satisfaction.

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As someone who exercises with their spouse, I agree. However, I wonder if there’s anything unique about exercise. Are the positive effects just from doing something together that you both enjoy?


There is a reason so many people look for work out buddies, even if they are not involved in other ways.


Couples who like each other more work out together more, seems a valid alternative conclusion?


Serious exercising I’d rather die than do with my husband but going for walks or hiking is definitely more fun together. And with the dogs


Didn’t read the article yet, but wonder if it has to be a romantic partner or if working out with any other friend/colleague has a similar effect. I’ve always preferred working out with someone else, especially in groups as opposed to by myself. I noticed this while in JROTC and in college (military college, so group PT)