People get embarrassed if seen in their underwear, but don’t mind being seen wearing only swim shorts or bikinis

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The difference is consent.


I had a funny moment like this in college, kinda bust into a friend’s dorm room and she was in her underwear. I did the whole knock and enter because I was in a hurry and not paying attention. I immediately ran back out and apologized profusely and she just laughed at me saying how we had just gone to the pool yesterday and I didn’t see anything that I hadn’t seen at the pool.


There was a scene just like this in Three’s Company. Jack was in the kitchen and they criticized him for wearing his underwear with no pants. He explained they were swim trunks and they said it was ok. A rose by any other name…


I just wear a bathing suit as underwear that way I’m never embarrassed


I had to walk back to a motel in a bathing suit once without a towel. One block from the beach is when I started to feel uncomfortable about it.