Scientists have found antibodies after COVID-19 vaccination peak higher for women and younger people than men and individuals over the age of 65, respectively, but levels drop by half within six months for everyone in a study group

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The immune system is not just antibodies. While this is all correct, it really blurs the picture of what’s actually happening.


Is there a doctor in here who can do an ELI5 whether this is just normal behaviors of antibodies or is this unique to covid-19 vaccine induced antibodies? I thought all antibody levels reduce overtime, but when there’s a “memory” that will let them regenerate when needed. Is bloodstream antibodies really an important indicator to anything??


But… this is what to be expected. The immune system does not need to produce antibodies endlessly, it just needs to remember doing so.


Begging ppl to understand that antibody levels does not equal vaccine effectiveness


Amazingly like the expected immune response you all learned about in a&p