We’re Making the Facebook Papers Public. Here’s Why and How | Independent experts from NYU, UMass Amherst, Columbia, Marquette, and the ACLU, are partnering with Gizmodo to responsibly publish this historic leak.

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Hate the teaser. Actually clicked thru just to find out I have to check back in a few days.


Are they going to banish or imprison the leaker, like they did with Snowden and Assange and Winner and Manning? The only time this culture gets close to justice is when someone sacrifies their lives to leak the crime. Disgusting.


This a the most planned leak of all time. Again /r/technology is a weird subreddit that doesn’t actually address technology but the communism thereof. Leakers are put into Jail to never be seen again, not held to a pedestal and be seen on every network.


Wow. I can’t wait to look through this – but wouldn’t it be heavily redacted?