What city is underrated?

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Visit Porto Portugal. It’s beautiful. People skip it and do Lisbon usually


Vilnius, Lithuania. Incredibly beautiful old town, amazing history, everybody speaks perfect English and everything is cheap.


Quebec. Charming as can be, especially in the winter time. Its basically the only city in North America that has a real old world European vibe. The surrounding landscape is gorgeous too.


Naples. Everyone shits on it saying it’s dangerous and scary but it’s really not these days, everyone is nice, food scene is insane. Edit: Naples meaning Napoli in Italy!


Seoul. There are probably some cites better than it but as a city of its size, it is easily much better than the likes of ny, paris,London and Tokyo. Its so much better to live there than the other cities in my exp. The only problem is the air quality which sucks. Special mention to porto, seville, and fukuoka for being crazy underrated as places to live in.