What was your biggest, “Fuck, I’m getting old.” moment?

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Every day when I get in and out of my car and make dad noises.


My boyfriend is seven years younger than me, his little brother is only 19. We were talking with him one day about how crazy his high school experience has been due to Covid. My boyfriend said “When I was in high school the big thing was the housing collapse and Great Recession.” They both looked at me and I said “High school? Uh… 9/11.” Their eyes grew wide and I then realized his little brother wasn’t even BORN then. I felt like I had one foot in the grave.


When I realized that 90’s is already 30 years ago. It still feels like its been only a decade.


Just last week I got called an ‘older gentleman’ by an early 20something woman. I guess my looks finally caught up to my age.


probably the first time i had a boss who was younger than me that was depressing af