Apple told the SEC it doesn’t silence employees regarding workplace harassment or discrimination. New whistleblower documents show that isn’t true.

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From the article: Lawyers for Apple spelled out precisely what they wanted engineer Cher Scarlett to say following her recent departure from the company, limiting her words to only: “After 18 months at Apple, I’ve decided it is time to move on and pursue other opportunities.” The language, included in a strict nondisclosure and non-disparagement clause as part of a separation agreement Apple offered Scarlett last month, struck Scarlett as “ridiculous,” she told Insider. “I was shocked,” said Scarlett, who spent months working to improve pay equity at Apple, which she says prompted harassment from colleagues and intimidation from the company. “In my mind, I should be able to say whatever I want as long as I’m not defaming Apple.” The gag order, which Scarlett declined to sign, was fresh on her mind when, on October 18, Apple made a series of startling statements to the SEC.


NDAs can’t be used to cover or hide crimes of a company. That makes them void.


This reminds me of issues in (some?) states where compliance officers can be fired for actually doing their jobs. “We can’t do that, it’s illegal.” “Thanks, Frank. You’re an at will employee and you’re fired now.”


I worked for apple retail for 11 years at the Genius Bar. That was the WORST job I’ve ever had in my life. I dealt with people saying racist shit to me, people touching my hair, and terrible fucking pay. I worked there for 11 years and did not crack $50k. I had store managers dodge me when I asked to have talks about pay. I even got a $100 gift card once cuz an other employee said n*gger on the clock – I wasn’t even there but all the black employees on the team got racism money to keep us quiet. Apple stores are evil ass places. They search for the most talented, artistic people only to hold them captive by gaslighting them into thinking this is the best paying job they’ll have and that their unreasonable scheduling and regular denials of PTO are the norm in any given work place. Fuck that place. Don’t ever take a job there. Retail or corporate.


No way. A large multi billion dollar Monopoly is breaking the law? I’m sure they with get a couple thousand dollar fine for this! That will show them!