Chinese Xiaomi phones spy on their users. Lithuania calls for the devices to be scrapped; the Netherlands keeps silent.

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Is there a smartphone brand out there which is good for privacy? Camera has a shutter, microphone has a light that goes on when it’s activated, ect. Or am I going to be told that I’m a fool for hoping to have both privacy and the ability to be a functional member of society?


Almost all electronics spy on you in some way or form.


Why is it that every time a discussion is had about what phone to buy, and someone mentions ‘don’t buy Chinese brands, the spying is real’ they get flayed alive because ‘lol google and Apple do the same thing’ … And then this happens. This is not anywhere NEAR, not on the same LEVEL as what Google and Apple are doing. Boycott Chinese products, for your own sakes. Edit: It’s not just the built-in apps ya dinguses >But there is a catch. Cirlig’s research shows that Xiaomi phones transmit all surfing behaviour on the built-in web browser in real-time. As soon as you open a page or perform a Google search, a message goes to Xiaomi’s servers, even after enabling the so-called incognito or private mode. > >However, it does not stop there. The built-in news app transmits what articles you are reading and from which media outlets they originate. The built-in media player transmits the names of the songs and videos you play through it, both online and offline. > >​‘Xiaomi devices know everything about you,’ says the Romanian. ‘What music you listen to, what folders you create, what you call them, the duration of your telephone calls, what you search for in your browser… They send it all on to China.’ > >Whether you change the user ID on your device, reset it to the factory settings or reinstall the operating system – nothing helps > >​Moreover, that data stream contains all kinds of information that allow Xiaomi to easily tie your data together.


All mobile phones are spy on as commented by Ed Snowden. Pegasus, Prism.


I bet corporations are missing RIM (makers of Blackberry) right about now.