Daily Simple Questions Thread – November 23, 2021

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Is it shitty gym etiquette to bring a speaker to the commercial gym? There’s a big dude who’s strong AF and brings a speaker and it’s loud. Today there was a gym session for ladies and they played some music, Taylor swift out loud. It’s no problem. It’s a gym session coordinated by the gym. It’s middle of day too so when it’s empty. The dude shows up and plays out of his speaker. So now it’s a loud mash of two speakers together. It didn’t really bother me too much. But I’m sitting here thinking “why do we have to bring a speaker to the gym for your self only”


I cannot activate my chest during exercises like the push up or the press no matter how much I try to visualize it. I watched quite a few yt videos but they didn’t help. I still only use the triceps and the shoulders. Has anyone ever struggled in the chest department and managed to overcome this problem?


I just found out pausing at the bottom of my squat make me feel like I have more power to stand up. I wonder if anyone feel like me?


I am 4 months in working out and I still get DOMS after squat days, is that normal?


Lean bulk vs recomp/ is recomp worth it? How slow is a recomp? Like I am aware that muscle building through bulk/cut cycles generally is slow and recomp is even slower. But how much slower is it? Would a solid year get me good progress? I’m a beginner 22 years old 6ft 180lbs. I’ve been lifting for years (like 4) but the reason I’m still a beginner is because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I disregarded diet for the first couple of years and my longest bulk was like 4 months until I got too fat. My compound lifts never got very strong (my heaviest bench never even reached 215). I’ve been cutting recently in an attempt to get my bf lower and I am able to lift heavier weight every week. So for these reasons I believe I’m still considered a beginner. (Also my physique does not have much muscle) Honestly I’m tired of the whole getting fat deal from bulking (even on a lean bulk) I’m tired of my weight fluctuating all the time. It’s actually insane how often it fluctuates and the margins by which it fluctuates by. But I also don’t want to waste my time and get my hopes up with a recomp. I’m also scared I’d be psychologically beaten by how slow recomp results are. Would love some insight