Europe will have seen 2 million Covid deaths by end of winter says WHO

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Does the covid timeline ever reset?


who is ultimately responsible for preventable excess mortality?


Blame the anti-vaxxers and covidiots for this. They are the ones extending the pandemic and killing more people, and on top of that they’re rioting too.


Is this an insurance issue, stock issue, or a straight up stupid issue?


See I don’t think that’s much. It would have been much worse if we hadn’t taken steps to prevent hospitalizations through vaccinations. Curious, out of the 2million, how many were old and fragile (not talking about them being dispensable, but they wouldn’t have survived that long, in my country 98 year olds got the vaccine way before everyone else and I think that is bullshit, anyway), and more important: HOW MANY WERE UNVACCINATED. Let’s put our doubts at ease, well honestly not my doubts but the people protesting against vaccines (while smoking and drinking etc, mad about ‘putting things in your body you don’t know the working of’).