First authorization for assisted suicide in Italy

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Finally. People who are mentally stable should be able to choose when to end their life


Good. Now Italians may finally be able to exercise their right to die without resorting to brutal methods that could render them mentally or physically disabled. Let’s hope that more nations begin to acknowledge this right.


People seem to think that suicide is selfish to everyone they know. I’ve never understood this. The amount of indescribable hell that a person that has a mental illness suffers from is far worse then anyone having to “live” their life without the other. Billions of people on the planet. It’s unrealistic to believe that no one should be allowed to take their life. The stigma and shame just alienates them even further causing more unneeded misery.


In the US a few states allow this but I don’t want to hear from other Americans how free we are till we all have this option here, amongst some other things.


I can’t imagine the horror of being trapped in your mind unable to move, but can hear things around you or something. I’d like to be able to sign some kind of “kill me” notice if that happened to me