Foxes with deformed feet, missing ears, diseased eyes found on “high-welfare” fur farms

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There’s no such thing as “high welfare” factory farming.


There is no possibility of ‘high-welfare’ within these facilities of unnecessary cruelty. Considering all the advances in clothing technology it is truly archaic and backwards that these innocent creatures are being bred for such a pointless reason. One can only hope that humanity awakens to the way it treats the other residents of this planet.


Fur farms will always treat animals badly.


This absolutely boils my blood. What can we do about this besides the obvious first step of never buying anything like this? edit: Thank you all for the feedback and advice! Many of you have suggested going vegan. Currently I don’t eat a huge amount of animals products (and when I do, I buy from my local co-op), but I will be looking into cutting them completely out.


High welfare? They literally kill the animals for profit lol.