I have a gut feeling to accept a lower offer on my property because something about the buyer is tugging my heart strings.

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Sounds like that extra 5000 won’t break you by any means so I say go for it. Make her day. Life is too short not to help good people in need.


Your house, you can accept whatever offer you want. If you’re in a financial position to make a sell decision based on compassion for someone else personal situation rather than money I applaud you.


I got my offer accepted on my condo because I’m a single female looking for a home that had also had multiple offers outbid. 5k was also the difference between my offer and the highest. The seller chose me because she liked that I wasn’t an investor just a woman trying to get into a home and she liked that I mentioned in my letter that I was a vet tech that works with animals. I will never, ever forget that woman’s kindness that got me into this home. If and when I sell I hope to be in a financial situation where I can make my choice the same way. Definitely go for it. She will tell that story of how they got the home forever.


I own a rental property and keep the rent lower than normal because there is a single mother with a child in it. She has been the only renter in it since 2013. Never hear a peep out of her. Pays her rent on time. Not everything is about money. Go for it. It will do your heart good.


You’re setting a price of $5000 on the good feelings you’ll get from selling to her. You have to decide for yourself if that’s a fair price for that. The answer might be yes, not everything is about money.