‘Indentured servitude’: low pay and grueling conditions fueling US truck driver shortage

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“The trucking industry’s main trade body has said America is short about 80,000 drivers, a figure that’s made headlines around the country. Truckers say the problem isn’t a shortage of qualified drivers; there’s plenty of people who have been through the training programs and hold a commercial driver’s license. The rot, they say, is far more systemic: low pay, long hours and an industry that treats drivers like “cannon fodder”, churning out new recruits who inevitably quit because the job is so grueling. “There is no driver shortage; there’s a retention problem,””


Trucking in any form is awful imo. You’re either local doing back breaking work ( actual surgery in my case) moving product for 12 to 14 hours a day cause the company knows how much time you’re “allowed” to work or your OTR with shitty routes and home time. Respect to truckers, its hard work and you’re treated like dirt.


There is no driver shortage. Theres a fucks given about drivers shortage. You pay more, you get more workers. Fuck you.


Not going to lie. With the pay disparities in a lot of businesses, there’s a lot of what could be considered indentured servitude with what I’ve noticed


You wonder if there would still be a shortage of people wanting the work, if it weren’t for the low pay and grueling conditions. If only there were something they could do about it. Something besides, say, increasing pay or giving better working conditions. Apart from that, we’ll do anything to get the drivers we need. Anything but pay them or treat them well.