LPT: If someone is venting to you, ask if they want advice before giving it.

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I agree and also would go as far to say that the person venting should also make it clear what their intentions/needs are as well as ask the person they’re about to vent to if they are open and able to receive that energy


LPT: they never do. I’m one of those rare people that will sit for hours and let someone unload just because I can tell they need someone to dump their shit on. I don’t mind doing it, it gets old sometimes, but it’s incredibly rare to find anyone that will just sit and listen. So, I try to be that person for others because I know how cathartic it can be just to have someone hear you out and not try to make the conversation about themselves. I used to try and offer help and advice, but I realized that isn’t what they’re looking for, they just need to get shit off their chest. Unless they ask for your opinion or advice (which is pretty much never) just sit and listen. They don’t care what you have to say, they aren’t listening to you, they just want you to shut up and listen to them.


Do you wanna talk about it or be distracted from it ? That’s my version that seems to work


LPT: Don’t let people vent to you. Refer them to qualified, skilled people who do it for a living.