LPT: make your kids iPad/tablets password your phone #

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We did this and it worked like a charm!


I used to sing our phone numbers as songs. Ironically here. My youngest believes that phone numbers are peoples passwords.


This is one of the first things hackers will try if your personal data was scraped and sold online, which at this point is practically everyone, you have entered your number in dozens of websites as a recovery number or text back up. This is why virtually everyone gets spam calls. Everyone’s phone number is on tons of call lists that get sold to other hackers and call centers. So lets improve this LPT a bit. First turn on parental controls on any device you give your kid, so it prevents them from installing apps without your supervision and will help greatly improve their safety. Then if you want to use a number that’s fine if you improve it by adding the name of their favorite dessert+number, or color+number, number+favorite sport, etc. you get the idea. Just don’t have it be just the number, massive amounts of hackers already have it.


Then once they memorize it, change it to get them off the fucking tablet and to go outside.