Meat eaters of Reddit, what are your favorite vegetarian dishes?

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*looks at a long list of Indian cuisine* where do I begin?


Most Indian food is pretty banging


Falafel. I used to work with a bunch of Middle Eastern guys, and I ordered falafel so often for lunch they actually asked if I was vegetarian. I like all kinds of food, with meat and without, but if the falafel are good, there’s a very high chance that’s what is on my plate.


Bibimbap, gado-gado (veggies with peanut sauce), spring rolls with bamboo shoot, fried tofu, claypot tofu, dimsum with veggies inside, fried taro ball, basically tons of asian dishes. I tried fake meat and although it is pretty good, I would never choose it over the dishes that just doesn’t use meat and vegetarian friendly anyway.


Eggplant parm is pretty good and I prefer the impossible whopper to the regular