Michigan teacher says he quit after being ordered to remove Pride flag from middle school classroom

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> By Monday morning, Ball said teachers received a second email from administrators, this time saying the district’s attorneys had advised the school to remove any flags altogether and that teachers weren’t allowed to have any flags hanging up, he said. So the school was under legal counsel to not allow any flags at all in classrooms, and the teacher was told to remove a flag that was in their classroom. What’s the problem here? It’s not discriminatory if they’re banning all flags, it’s not singling him out or being unfair. The school’s lawyers think flags are a concern, and given the divisiveness of America right now and how some people react to things they don’t like with mass murder, I’d say they have a point. This way nobody’s fighting over a pride flag or a blue line flag or a snek flag, and they’re just doing their jobs and learning.


Just turn it ninety degrees and call it a wall hanging.


Literally every door on my bumfuck nowhere yeehaw high school had a pride flag sticker and a second sticker explaining that it was a safe space for all people regardless of sex, gender, race, sexuality, etc etc, like every single room had one, and this was the type of place where most kids wore those bat shit “YOU CANT TAKE MY GUNS” shirts and half the cars driving in had confederate flags flying off their truck beds. My point is, if THAT school is more progressive and inclusive than this Michigan one, that place must be off its rocker. Like its a low low bar man.


So, I’m a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I’m struggling to find a problem here. If the school prohibits all non-standard flags, then I don’t have a single problem with it. If the school allows any other non-standard flags, then this is a really big problem. Note: non-standard flags would be pride flags, BLM flags, political flags, etc.


This is not even newsworthy.