Opinion: It’s not ‘polarization.’ We suffer from Republican radicalization.

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Was the problem with Germany in 1933 political polarization? Or something else?


It’s evangelicals. They’re like the only sect growing. They are a cult. They operate shit like Celebrate Recovery aka teen challenge and are indoctrinating youth and adults alike. They’ve taken over the majority of the Republican party. They’re Assemblies of God, Baptists, various ‘church of Jesus’, Nazarene, Lutheran Missouri synod., Etc. Especially where it intersects with pentecostals and Charismatics, like Assemblies of God. My brother joined that shit because of his wife. They’re fucking weird, hate LGBTQ, hate marriage equality, and they feel defeated so they practice hate…. This is organized religion infiltrating the government with their beliefs. And plenty of less whacky churches have joined the cause in spirit. Our government is becoming a tool of various religious organizations unified mostly by “making America Great Again”. Hatred towards anything that doesn’t agree with their warped view of the Old Testament, because these people are not Christians! Jesus would not approve.


Indeed. The right has tried for over a decade now to portray nationalized healthcare as Maoism. There are constant claims of polarization as if the left has gone far left. That’s ridiculous. The whole time, the right has drifted further and further to the right, and centrist democrats pandering to them has moved the center to the right. It will be the death of this country.


I’d add to this the idea that republicans feel persecuted for their political views. Their views are radical and align with a party who have condoned the actions of an incredibly corrupt president and administration, condoned the actions of the January 6 insurrectionists, and have supported all of the “voter security” laws which are based on lies. You’re not being persecuted or oppressed for your political views (and even use of those words by the right shows how little they’ve actually experienced either of those things in a systematic way), you’re being shamed because you like a president who mocked a disabled reporter, acts like a child on a regular basis, lies constantly, who you claim is a Christian but don’t mind when he says things like “grab them by the pussy”, and who doesn’t give a shit about America or democracy. You should feel shame. It’s a bad thing to support someone like him and the party that made him their leader.


Me as a European, I have no fucking idea how you can deal with that shit. DO YOU HAVE ANY LAWS? I mean, why do the politicians have so much power? I do not get it. Yeah people laugh at you, but they basically laugh at your laws… Black girls killing their abusers and get a life sentence and a white whiny fuck killing two people walks free. And then your fucking politicians… They are no Gods. They serve YOU, they are no stars. What’s wrong, man? Edit: I do not wanna shame anyone. I am pretty sure your system worked at some point. But it doesn’t any more. I know too little about your system. But get those politicians a serious whooping. You guys deserve it. Just to give an example: politicians in (western) Europe would have stripped of their powers, were forced publicly to resign or would have been lynched. Not all is good here, but a little better.