Study: Drinking higher amounts of coffee may make you less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, if the average cup of coffee made at home is 240g, increasing to two cups a day could potentially lower cognitive decline by eight per cent after 18 months.

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Going off the article, it looks like it’s unclear if coffee intake in particular produces these results, vs. caffeine intake in general?


I HATE studies that list coffee content by volume of the beverage itself. Coffee varies wildly in preparation method, strength, and caffeine content when brewed at home. I’ve known people who brew an entire pot of coffee with the same amount of ground coffee as a single 12 oz cup brewed to specialty coffee standards. I realize some of this variability will average out with a high enough n, but it seems like they could get rid of a lot of noise in a data set like this.


Did I read this wrong ? >constituents of coffee are behind its seemingly positive effects on brain health. Though caffeine has been linked to the results, preliminary research shows it may not be the sole contributor to potentially delaying Alzheimer’s disease. So they don’t know exactly what’s causing it they don’t see any difference between caffeinated in de-caffeinated .. it could very well be the habits of consumption of coffee itself . … Is it just straight coffee consumption or is it those who sit down and enjoy coffee.. Maybe those people who have time for coffee live a more stress-free life or exercise more or eat healthier.


Interesting, but as with every study it’s important to remember…it’s just one study of 200 people. So very suggestive, but as they say we need more studies.


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