The concept of hell is traumatic and it should not be introduced to children, let alone presented as truth and used to discipline them.

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Mormons baptize their kids at 8. Mormons teach that children who die before the age of 8 go straight to heaven. There have been people on the exmormon subreddit who have admitted that this teaching had made them think about killing themselves before being baptized when they were a child because they didn’t want to go to hell.


Yup. Hell, that we are all born dirty, and that cute little animal story of mass genocide.


But discipline is the actual reason they introduce it.


I went to (and was molested at) a Catholic elementary school, though the paternal side of my family is Jewish. It was very traumatic hearing about all the ways my family members were going to be tortured for eternity.


Didn’t dare be friendly with non members for fear that was wrong.