The RNC paid more than $121,000 towards former President Donald Trump’s personal legal bills as he faces a criminal investigation in New York

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Why does a ‘billionaire’ need his personal legal fees paid for him?


Folks I hate to remind you all that as dumb as fuck as he is, he is also cunning. He sat in the Oval Office for four years and you don’t think he had his minions tippy toeing through classified shit on every person in the GOP who he could use? My guess is one of Stephen Miller’s functions was to do just that. Hell maybe he has nothing, but they all know that if he did he would definitely use any blackmail on any of them in a heartbeat.


Oh, again? >This isn’t the first time the RNC has footed the bill for Trump’s legal fees. In 2017, Trump used campaign funds and funding from the RNC to pay his legal bills amid the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the US election.


Just a reminder they are doing this solely because Trump promised to start a third party and destroy the Republican Party if they didn’t pay for his legal fees.


They just don’t know how to quit him.