TIL that in 1916, a construction worker, “sandhog” Marshall Mabey, while building a NYC subway tunnel was blown out of the tunnel through a breach and shot up out of bed of the East River and into the air on a geyser. He survived. Two others who were with him did not.

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The reason he was blown out of the tunnel was because it was pressurized to keep it from collapsing. He dug into a soft spot and the pressure shot him like a champagne cork through the mud on the bottom of the river, all the water, and then like 20′ into the air. I believe he might have even gone back to work the next day since it’s not like they had sick leave and workers comp back then lol


Fuck, what is that sentence construction!?


See Die Hard with a Vengeance


Insane. I’m terrified of tight spaces and open water, also the east river is disgusting lol. What a man.


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