TIL that leeches were used to predict storms. This tempest prognosticator device was made up of 12 glass bottles filled with water, each with a live leech inside. If the leeches climbed up the bottles out of the water, a bell would ring to signal that a storm was coming.

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no word on how well it worked.


I guess it’s better than putting a dozen groundhogs in bottles of water.


I could almost believe it. My dog doesn’t really get bothered by storms, but one time around 30ish minutes before a storm she chewed up the windowsill in the front of the house and would not settle down and was obviously upset about something. The storm that followed turned into one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever been in. To cap it off, a tornado hit nearby. If I ever see my dog do that again I’m taking us straight to the basement.


tempest prognosticator sounds like some crazy Mechanicum thing in 40k.


great name for the device, looked cool too