Voters From Both Parties Overwhelmingly Want Biden to Crack Down on Corporate Crime – The president needs to use “the considerable powers of the executive branch… to show the people that he is on their side, not the side of the wealthy and well-connected few,” said one progressive advocate.

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Actually, I want all POTUS ‘s to do this


But Biden is mostly on the side of the wealthy and well-connected. Proposing overwhelmingly popular public policy and then sitting out quietly as things are stripped out from that policy, does not suggest he intends to stand strongly behind the interests of the public.


It’s like people forgot he’s been a Senator since 1973 the day he got elected. Like it or not, he’s a dinosaur trying to stop the asteroid by doing dinosaur things. Those rich old folks are his peers, and have been since they both started. He was a part of the decision making process that got here. People seem to think a politician’s allegiances only go back as far as long as they personally have been supporting that politician.


Right, until he does it, and then the headline for the next 3 months on Fox News is “Biden is a Communist who is trying to cripple American businesses”.


Not gonna happen. Biden loves his big corporate allies.