A Woman Pleads Guilty to Using RentAHitman.Com to Try to Kill Her Ex-Husband for $5,000 | The joke website turned accidental honeypot asks visitors a simple question: “Got a problem that needs resolving?”

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From the article: The very real RentAHitman.com website asks visitors a simple question: “Got a problem that needs resolving?” Although the majority of people would recognize the website for what it is, a joke, there are remarkably still some that take it seriously and submit a request for murder. Wendy Wein, a 52-year-old Michigan woman, is one of those people. Wein recently found out that while the RentAHitman.com may be a joke, using it to try to get someone else to kill your ex-husband is not, and carries real-world consequences. Earlier this month, she pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder and using a computer to commit a crime. The former crime carries a maximum lifetime sentence, while the latter is capped at 20 years. Under her plea agreement, Wein will serve a minimum of nine years in prison. She will be sentenced by Daniel White, Monroe County’s 38th Circuit Court Judge in Michigan, in January, according to the Monroe News. At first, Wein’s story sounds like a comedy skit you might see on Saturday Night Live. Laughter is replaced with incredulity, the creeps, and a little bit of fear when you realize she actually meant to harm someone else, though.


What was she supposed to do? Go to DontRentAHitman.com?


Appropriate time to use the ol’ “It’s a Prank Bro” defense.


They need a 20% off black friday coupon to be legit, lol


Dirty deeds done ditt cheap