American airlines called asking to pay extra $900 on top of ticket purchased 4 months ago.

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This happened to me and my family last year on our return flight from vacation. The night before we were scheduled to fly home, American Airlines called me, and told me that they had cancelled our return flight. The next morning, I went to the airport as scheduled and tried to speak with a customer representative. I was told there was nothing they could do unless I bought new tickets for $1400 more than the original fare. We were a 20 hour drive from home and had to be back at school and work the next day, so I just put it on my credit card. A week later, after returning home, I spoke with an attorney who advised I sue for breach of contract. I did, and prior to the case’s initial hearing date, a representative from American Airlines offered to refund my $1400, pay all legal fees, and offered me a $750 voucher. In return I dropped my case. So, all this to say, yes, it sounds like a scam, and it’s against their own terms, but American Airlines will definitely do shit like this. I wish you and your girlfriend luck.


If she has a confirmation code she should go to and see if the ticket is valid. If everything is OK there then it was a scam. If everything is not OK then call their 800 number listed on the website. It’s important you go to the website and use it to gather phone numbers and contact info. Don’t click links or call phone numbers someone told or emailed you. If you have the app use it. Also sign up for text alerts on your ticket. American is very good about emailing and texting with flight changes and you’d have received something or multiple notices from various places the second the ticket changed in any way. Source: I travel way too much (200+ nights in a hotel so far this year) and everything except a plane crash has happened to me to delay of screw up travel. A more expensive ticket after purchase especially $900 is not correct. Something is up. Never heard of this or had it happen.


Same thing happened to me. I bought 2 tickets like 10 months in advance from NC to WI, super cheap like 150 a pieve round trip for thanskgiving last year. 1 day before my trip AA canceled one of my tickets, I called to findout why one ticket was canceled and one wasnt. They claimed they sent me an email asking me to rebook one of my tickets as I was bumped from the flight, even though I bought my tickets 10 months in advance. I was super confused and said that’s crazy we leave tomorrow and now I only have one ticket? My wife and I were flying to see my family. AA said it was my fault I didn’t reschedule the flight, so I asked them what email they sent these emails to asking me to reschedule, the lady reads off some insane shit like I said what the fuck is that, my email is blank, I’m looking at my confirmation right here how would you not send these emails to my correct email. I got some idiotic response that it was the email I provided……. so I said listen I need my 2nd ticket what can we do to rebook it. They looked it up and as this was one day from thanksgiving, a new ticket was like 1500 dollars. They gave me a 150 dollar refund for my first ticket. I told them to go fuck themselves and I’ll never fly american again. I made multiple claims about this situation to their management and support, and was constantly told it was under investigation and each person elevated my claim and then it would just end, the next person would never contact me. Eventually I gave up. I fully believe they cancelled my ticket so they could resell my 150 ticket for 1500 because this was covid times and they were hurting for money.


Sounds like this may be a reoccurring practice of AA and something an AG should look into despite this being in their contract.


Sounds like a scam to me. What does it say when she logs into the website to check her ticket?