Are there any differences between low and high intensity exercise, other than a slight increased benefit to cardiovascular health?

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High intensity is more “efficient” in terms of how much time you need to dedicate per day to it.


Risk of injury increases and more stress on joints. Out of shape / overweight people should be cautious doing high intensity workouts.


Duration is a big one, less time to achieve same or better cardio health benefits. There are more mitochondrial benefits to high intensity. More metabolism benefits to high intensity. More strength increase (central nervous system capacity), which has a host of benefits, from high intensity. Adaptations to more body heat being produced by muscles during high intensity. Probably more benefits too. From what I understand and the information I have at this time, low intensity has its place, but, if you are after most bang for buck, high intensity is the move.


You’re going to improve lactate thresholds, develop muscle mass (fast twitch fibres) and increase BMR through increased muscle mass


Apart from the cardio benefits and being able to do more work in less time, if you never push yourself “hard”, how will you know what hard work feels like?