Australia’s Barrier Reef erupts in color as corals spawn

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For those who didn’t actually read the article— the recovery of the reef is in no way related to divers not being on the reef during the pandemic. It is due to an overall drop in water temperature this past year. Unclear whether that’s caused by the pandemic, but the water temperature fluctuates each year regardless so unlikely. Coral bleaching is not caused by divers, it is caused by high water temperatures forcing symbiotic algae out of the corals. If the water temperature does not cool within a short time span the algae dies off “bleaching” the corals. Don’t get me wrong, this is uplifting news. It’s important to see that the worlds corals can and *will* recover given enough time and a drop in carbon and temperature levels. But let’s not blame the wrong cause, especially when you can’t be bothered to read an NPR blurb.


Amazing how quickly the world would recover from humans disappearing.


Wait… They spawn? How long is the respawn time?


How can we mine coral spawn?