Bernie Sanders Is Facing Down Corporate Democrats on Taxes. The Democrats are poised to pass a giant, regressive tax giveaway to the wealthy by raising the SALT cap deduction. Bernie Sanders is trying to stop them.

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I thought SALT cap deduction affected individuals, not corporations – and it was put into the 2017 tax cut for the rich to screw over large democrat states. So – not really following this BS headline at all.


80k is too high, but not by to much. Basically helps household making up to700k per year. I think 50 k is a better number, for now. Meaning, if you make up to 500k as taxable income, you get a discount equalto what you pay your state, up to 50k,on your federal income taxes instead of sending more money to the feds. The GQP should be all for this, as it strengthens states rights. But we know that their states rights argument is total bs. The salt cap was put in place Specifically to punish blue states, which have higher average incomes by a significant amount


Are the majority of commenters in this thread goldfish? The SALT deduction was meant to be punitive to specific states, and their voters. If you want to tax people in the upper middle class more, do it fairly accross the 50 states, not a specific subset that was meant as a big FU. It boggles my mind how the common clay as so easily manipulated to support an agenda.


Yeah I want my SALT deduction raised. Basically my taxes skyrocketed when Trump decided to siphon blue state money to the red states. We pay a ton in state taxes, and im happy to pay them and my local tax because I see the services I get for them. Federal taxes? Nah not so much.


Leave it to jacobin to find the most idiotic take. Salt deduction is in place to allow states to increase their own taxes. Blue states like New York contribute far more to the federal government than they get back. The Salt deduction is in place to lower that gap so blue states don’t have to subsidize the rest of the country.