Blowout (2021) How the oil and gas industry harms the environment through its negligence regarding toxic oil spills. It also continues to encourage the geopolitical imbalance in the world through business deals with corrupt governments such as Russia while generating billions of dollars [00:15:01]

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The recent chemical spill in Sri Lanka that released *billions* of tiny plastic balls into the Indian Ocean was the coup de grace. It will never recover in our lifetimes, and caused irreversible damage to the sea life, people and an overall a enviromental disaster. Yet was barely reported by any news source. An enviromental catastrophe to end all enviormental castastrophes.


“Such as Russia” and the US government isn’t corrupt because…? No seriously I’d love to hear this answer lmao


BP had the same oil rig explosion in the Caspian Sea near Baku, Azerbaijan, two years before. The congressional inquiry into the Deepwater Horizon disaster, in the Gulf of Mexico, was not told about the explosion. Luckily all workers escaped unharmed. A cover-up by BP, the Azerbaijan government, and President George Bush, was discovered from leaked US embassy documents.


Only oil? Seriously? Bottled water? Palm oil? Avocados? Almonds? Beef from Brazil?


Your description, and I’m going to guess that the documentary also ignores the part where most of the global food supply depends on this fuel source. 🤷‍♂️ (Adding it to watch later.. should be fun to watch the hypocrites come up with radical ideas that would result in billions of humans starving to death) People aren’t using oil and gas because they love destroying the environment. They do it because they want to eat, and don’t want to freeze to death in the winter.