Cant get out of the head space Im in with eating.

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If you’re binge eating junk food I think your goal should be avoiding buying that food entirely. If its not in your house you’ll have an easier time avoiding temptation. The craving eventually goes away, especially for the cheap stuff. Allow yourself to eat “crap” when you’re out to a movie, etc., that way you’re not completely deprived of it.


I binge eat and my solution is to only have seasonal fruits and vegetables (carrot sticks/cucumbers) on hand. I feel less bad when I eat produce and I noticed it’s cheaper that processed food.


Binge eating is gonna have a cause, and if you don’t deal with the cause then you’re gonna be fighting against the tide. When do you usually binge eat? Is it at home at the end of the day? That might indicate you’re just not eating enough during the day and your body is craving energy. Keep track for a week or so when you binge, what you’re eating, and if possible why/ if there was a trigger. It can be something as simple as “I walked passed a bakery and it smelled really good so I had to have something” Once you find the reason, you can work on dealing with that and preventing your binging needs, instead of trying to stop binging when there is still a demand for it. You want to focus on a sustainable solution, things like ‘never buying food to binge on’ generally isn’t sustainable because people will just end up ordering food in or when there is food in the house that’s ‘banned’ you will crave it even more.


The best thing for me is to leave the house when I notice I’m thinking about food or hovering in the kitchen. Take a walk or even just get in the car or on a bus. It resets my switch.


I see lots of good alternative snack/food advice and lots of healthy suggestions so I’m going to leave it there as I have nothing extra to add on that front. As for the bingeing, I see people recommending you simply don’t buy those things but it’s been my experience, and I’ve been told by a dietitian and my friend with a binge ED, that that simply worsens it in the long run and puts off fixing the core issue. It makes those foods forbidden so the second you’re around them, you eat them because your brain has you convinced you’ll never get them again. I would have them in the house, but maybe in smaller quantities, healthier versions, or putting it somewhere that it’ll become “out of sight out of mind”. As for my true advice, First, I would see if you could talk to an ED therapist/counsellor about it. I’m not saying you have a full-blown eating disorder, but they’ve definitely seen this before and can help you figure out why you’re doing it beyond “stress eating” and how to stop without depriving/putting off what needs to be done. Even speaking to a normal therapist might help to get rid of some of that stress. Second, I do see lots of advice about having healthy alternatives on hand. That’s something I can agree with. Fruit, veg, healthier snacks, all good. I see one of your major issues is sandwiches, you could theoretically swap for a thinner sliced bread and make that tiny change, or you could cut the slice of bread in half so you make a “half” sandwich. Third, if you make the whole box of nuggets, for example, immediately put some in a container straight out of the pan. Intend for that to be your lunch or a snack the next day, and then DO have it the next day. Fourth, if you find yourself craving something that you know isn’t the best for you, tell yourself if you still want it in an hour you can have it. Then go busy yourself. If, after an hour of being distracted, you’re still craving it then go ahead and have a bit. Fifth and finally, fill up on water. Not to an extreme but enough that your belly is a little full and your body never gets the chance to confuse dehydration with hunger or cravings. Get some mio or other water enhancers if you really hate water.