Church hires lunatic pastor, has to apologize and hide him when he tells husbands to rape their wives

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> the best person to rape is your wife So he’s pro-rape in general. He just thinks raping your wife is the best. What an absolute piece of shit.


Well its not as if Seventh Day Adventists are the sharpest tools in the box. The church was founded based on prophesy on the end of the world and then went through multiple failed predictions of when it was going to happen and its followers still stayed in it.


I was in an abusive marriage. When he raped me it was people like this (the transformed wife and biblicalgenderroles specifically) that convinced me to keep letting it happen. When I escaped it was because I had lost my faith. I’m an atheist now, and I’ve never been happier to be able to decide what my morals are without the shit like this hovering in my mind.


He doesn’t understand how you belong to somebody and… fuck you man. Nobody BELONGS to anybody. Sick fucker.


Knowing this stupid cult as well as I do, they won’t even fire him. Just move him out of public view for a bit and hope it dies down. Not even a statement from the main SDA organization saying ‘No, this is batshit wrong.’ These people are evil, this guy is just a little more publicly evil than usual.