Everyone is aware of the minimum height for amusement park rides, but forget that there is also a maximum height for amusement park rides.

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It’s not just height. I remember seeing a kid about 16. He was big, not really obese, but just barrell-chested. The bar wouldn’t latch over him so he couldn’t ride the roller coaster. I felt sorry for him.


The good news is that you will be no taller than the maximum height when you are finished.


At 6ft 4in/193cm I am acutely aware of maximum height restrictions and have been told I’m too tall to ride certain rollercoasters, but honestly door frames and low ceiling fixings are worse.


6’5″ here… and even among the world of amusement rides the most infuriating thing is still the height of most shower nozzles.


They also aren’t aware of fat maximums either. Every day people complain because they can’t fit on a ride.