FBI Probes Another Election Data Breach Linked to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

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>election clerk Tina Peters is under federaI investigation after voting system passwords were leaked to right-wing blogs and QAnon conspiracy theorists. Data from both breaches were featured at the MyPillow founder’s conspiracy-laden “cyber symposium” in August This is crazy. They hack the election system and then publicly share the result. The only thing crazier would be to ask publicly and very loudly for the hack to happen, maybe helped by some random foreign country. I mean, how blatant & blunt can those guys get? There must be a limit somewhere.


The FBI needs to find out if there was a conspiracy to commit election interference. And if any of the players were on the inside.


There is a non-zero chance that Mike Lindell was a courier for insurrection plans so that they could limit the amount of physical evidence that could expose their conspiracy. There is no other reason for a crackhead pillow company executive to be going around with all these high profile Republicans in DC in the weeks leading up to the coup attempt.


Does Mike lindell have a cocaine delivery service for himself and junior? Kind of like better call saul, but it’s better call 8-ball? This lindel character seems determined to get himself indicted on as many charges as he can.


And yet the high profile white republican walks free