Fed members ready to raise interest rates if inflation continues to run high

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An aggressive stance from the Fed in an election year. With the amount of debt the US government is in. I’m currently inclined to doubt it.


they doubled the money supply in 2 years, what the fuck do these morons think will happen? They know inflation is coming but they don’t care because the rich always make money, while exploiting you.


I’ll believe it when I see it. If by raise you mean 10 year to 2 or OBFR to .5 then fine . If by raise you mean to the 20 year average I’d say I doubt it.


They might raise rates to 1% or 2%… what is that going to do? Inflation is running rampant at 6% and the yields will still be negative. If they really want to fight inflation they’ll have to raise them a lot higher and pay the piper for all the asset bubbles they have inflated.


Honest question . How would raising interest rates actually stop inflation in this case given the supply side is fucked?