Germany considers a full Covid lockdown and mandatory vaccines

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As a german, no this isn’t even close to being true. Nobody is arguing for a full mandate, but profession specific mandates are being talked about. However, a decision on that has not been made. A full lockdown has been ruled out by every political party I’ve heard talking about this. Some states have enforced stricter rules and banned things like christmas markets, others have not. The headline does not reflect what’s currently being talked about in local news at all.


i’m sure the antivax lobby will take this news well and react in a perfectly normal and civilised manner


I get why people argue that they should have the right not to put X in their body. But people who decide to take the vaccine should also have the right not to be exposed to the idiots who choose to prolong this pandemic. Get vaccinated or lock yourself down so society can keep moving without you, it’s simple. EDIT — to the sheldon coopers commenting on my semantics, I’m aware that even with 100% vaccination rate covid is highy likely to stay and become endemic… the problem is that when people who aren’t that bright read this sort of statements, they automatically reinforce their own *idiotic* believe: ” *why would I take a vaccine if covid is going to prevail anyway?* *checkmate* ” so I understand that we’ll technically *never* fully erradicate covid, the same way we’ve never been able to erradicate the flu, measles, and whatnot, but there’s also a reason why nowadays we don’t say we still have a pandemic of those other diseases in spite of cases still being reported here and there, right?


Kimmich in shambles


As a double, soon triple vaccined German, this is bullshit