Had a guy in my bio class try to convert me today with some story.

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I love those made up stories. I always retort back about how I tried to kill myself, as a born again Christian, died and was resuscitated by the paramedics and saw literally nothing. One moment I was there, the next minute I was jolted awake by epinephrine. No in-between. No magic city. Shit. Didn’t even see lakes of fire. Also. I’m better than Jesus. I died and came back in a few minutes. Took that zombie over three days. Dude must of smelled horrendous


Biology class? Oh I’m sure he’ll love it when they teach evolution and stuff


The guy found Jesus tomb? So where is it? Is this Jesus person so unimportant that 2 billions of his followers don’t care when someone found their saviors last place?


Guessing he is talking about Lee Strobel, the book in question being The Case for Christ. Its well debunked and is very disingenuous.


They need to keep adding new lies to the old ones to keep it fresh, I guess.