I am so tired of people assuming my faith.

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I get that a lot also. I have a German/Jewish last name(not Jewish at all). But when people see they assume I am. It doesn’t really bother me. I just tell them I don’t believe that stuff. Then they look like I just shot their dog.


I get the same thing when they find out that my last name is Alli. I just let them know that I am a devout Atheist. And when they ask why , I let them know that when I was about thirteen year old, I discovered porn. Who needs heaven when you have porn.


They could at least have the manners/good sense to assume you’re Hindu! I kid. Believe it or not, white atheists have to put up with similar assumptions, especially in certain parts of the country.


damn, colorism is real. I find it really fun to be like “well actually..” when people assume shit like that because half the time they apologize for assuming


I’m in a similar boat. I’m an American with Indian descent. But, people tend to assume that I am Hindu. They usually get uncomfortable when I point out my atheism. It’s actually quite funny. And don’t get me started on when they start talking yoga nonsense as if I know and believe all the woo bs there.