I thought 90% Catholic Latin country religious people were bad… then I moved to Southern United States

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I speak from experience with them that almost to a person, they will talk about how terrible those Muslim people are with their Sharia and oppression of other religions and then tell you how everything in America would be great if everyone was converted and we lived under “God’s law.”


Ahh the Bible Belt. Yeah people suck there…a lot of them anyway. And American Christians are batshit insane. They legit think catholicism is a cult and don’t recognize it as Christianity at all. They don’t have any concept that the rest of the world’s Christians view them as dangerous fanatics.


I was so happy to leave north Florida in one piece. Spent five years. Once got kicked out of a Wendy’s for asking them to turn the Christian rock down and been preached at by a bus driver. My fullest sympathies.


​ >The kicker is they HATE catholics and think they’re not Christians Biggest anti-Christian bigots are other Christians.


Yep, you have very concisely condensed my 50 years of experience living in Texas. However, you have missed the ONE thing that more important than mere religion. The one thing that is a religion on steroids. American Football.