Jeffrey Epstein denied having any suicidal thoughts and prison staffers made litany of errors prior to his death, prison documents reveal

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Really? Who would have guessed that there would be signs that pointed to him not killing himself.


The report goes on to say however that “Epstein was experiencing challenges adjusting to his environment and changes in his lifestyle,” including trouble sleeping, complaints about noise in the facility and concerns for his safety. On two occasions, the report says Epstein described himself as a “coward” and someone “who doesn’t like pain.” On one occasion, the report states that someone who was filling out a “Psychology Services Intake Screening” form for Epstein checked a box that said “No Sexual Offense Convictions” when in fact, Epstein had prior convictions relating to soliciting underage persons for prostitution. The report also says Epstein, who was White, was erroneously identified as a Black male. Furthermore, a review of prison records “revealed a number of incomplete entries” with regards to provisions and receipt of basic services such as recreation, medical records, showers, and meal consumption. The report states that there were several instances where it wasn’t clear if Epstein ate, took a shower, or was offered recreation. Additionally, according to the report, a review of logbooks showed “significant discrepancies” from the approved procedural memorandum for the facility. The BOP report also states that the day before his death, Epstein terminated his legal visit early to place a phone call. He told BOP staffers he was calling his mother, but records show she has been dead since at least 2004.


I’m not taking a side here but revealing suicidal thoughts when under the care of a mental health doctor is in itself a shot in the foot. I may want to kill myself but there is no way I’m gonna tell a psych worker that.


He also denied raping kids in that same interview… I’m not dismissing the possibility he was murdered, just pointing out that self-reporting in psych eval isn’t exactly SUPER reliable…


I definitely believe his death wasn’t [a willing] suicide but that said, I’ve been severely suicidal at times and for a number of reasons said I wasn’t when asked by various health professionals. This article doesn’t really prove anything other than to just stir the pot further and get people riled up