Lauren Boebert Challenges Madison Cawthorn, Who Uses A Wheelchair, To A Sprint

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>“What,” tweeted retiring Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.). Yeah, that’s about right.


Both mentally handicapped, one physically, want to compete to hire a murderer, it’s just so GOP 2021.


This imbecile does not belong in Congress. I mean, good for her for getting a GED (about a year ago), but the only people who want incompetent people in the government are the party that is actively trying to destroy the government – the “Anti-Democratic Party”.


Sebastian Gorka interviewing Lauren boebert who says she wants a foot race with her wheel chair bound nazi colleague for who gets to hire the teenager that gunned down two people with impunity.


Lauren challenging someone in a wheelchair to a sprint is like anyone challenging Lauren to a spelling contest.