Major banks still heavily invest in fossil fuels while greenwashing and allowing cryptocurrency mining to take the front pages in economic environmental damage.

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The following submission statement was provided by /u/OurEdenMedia: — This is our submission statement for the post. We would like to encourage thought on how these industries can transition away from fossil fuel industries. Do people think this transition **will** happen in the near future? — Please reply to OP’s comment here: /r/Futurology/comments/r13yjh/major_banks_still_heavily_invest_in_fossil_fuels/hlw5jty/


wait, major banks are *allowing* crypto to hit the front pages?


Christmas lights are a waste of energy during a time when it is coldest and electricity should be available for heating.


How come when banks are lending to fossil fuel companies they are helping them but when they lend to students they are evil?


What is this trash? Banks invest based on value and return. Of course they invest in fossil fuels we still use them for a huge percentage of energy production… when they are not then resources will be allocated to other energy sources.