Marvel Is Suing Stan Lee’s Family To Keep Avengers Characters

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Lee, Ditko, and Lieber’s heirs have filed lawsuits against Marvel to regain control of characters those men helped create. These are just countersuits against those lawsuits in an attempt to get ahead of them which is very common practice. It seems like the question is going to come down to the status of their employment with Marvel when the characters were created. Interestingly, a while back Siegel and Schuster’s heirs tried to sue DC to gain control of ~~Batman~~ Superman, but lost. Lee’s heirs in this case hired the same lawyer the Siegel and Schuster heirs did and Marvel hired the same lawyer DC did.


Didn’t Lee spend decades helping Marvel screw Jack Kirby?


So how is this different than when Lee was alive and running Marvel and Marvel employees wanted the rights for their creations so they were told that Marvel owned them per their contracts? I fully admit I don’t appreciate any of the legal nuances here, and I feel for the families that have been in this fight for decades, but at least when it comes to Lee’s legacy all I see is poetic justice.


By marvel they mean Disney right? The mouse has no mercy.


I know Stan Lee did a huge amount for the comics industry. I respect that. But let’s not be silly and think he created every Marvel character. Others were involved and he swiped them away back in the day. I’m not hating on him. But he was no saint either when it comes to giving proper credit.