Need recipes for soups that are good blended or have really soft ingredients… Can’t chew well right now.

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Butternut squash soup it’s blended and hearty


Potato leek soup would be perfect for this. Can sub onions if you don’t want to deal with leeks.


Tomato soup, cheese and broccoli soup… there are many soups you can blend or even suck through a straw.


Chicken broth 1/4 c olive oil 3-5 cloves Garlic (roasted or fresh) 1 red or yellow onion 1-2 leeks 1 potato 1/2 c. Red lentils 2-3 lbs carrots Salt and pepper to taste Simmer until soft and then blend. I like filling a bowl with fresh chopped spinach before ladling in the soup.


Do a simple one of onion carrot and celery. Make broth of same or use chicken or bone and overcook the veg some.